If a class is fully booked is there a waiting list?

Yes. If a class is fully booked your child we will contact you as soon as a space becomes available.

What is the refund policy?

Please see the Fees and Payment section of the Terms and Conditions. A direct link can be found on the footer tool bar www.tinysoccerstars.co.uk

Fees and payment
Please note that all charges are quoted in pounds sterling. All charges are made via secure payment mechanisms, cash or cheque. Payment is taken prior to the service being given.

Once classes have started it is not normal to offer any refund. If a child no longer attends once payment for the term is made, the fees are non-refundable. Children are offered a free taster in the beginning to alleviate this potential situation. Any refund for classes (services) is discretionary.

My child is nearly old enough to be in the next group up at the point of starting, which group should they attend?

We will discuss with you which class you would like to join to ensure you are happy.

What does my child need to get involved?

All new players, on payment of the membership with receive a Tiny SoccerStars Tshirt or kit. This is their ‘uniform’ and it hoped the children will wear it for their classes. Other merchandise is available through your coach.

All children should wear suitable footwear, this does not need however mean that a child has to have special trainers. Open toed footwear, wellingtons, crocs are not recommended.

All children should bring a drink with them.

What if my child misses a class.

Class fees are not refundable for missed classes. Payment for the term in advance guarantees your child a place at Tiny SoccerStars. However it may be possible to attend another session in that week only. Please talk to your coach to see if this is possible.

Why is there a membership fee - what is it for?

The membership fee is payable for all new children to Tiny SoccerStars. This payment goes a small way towards on-going admin costs during your time with Tiny SoccerStars. It also includes your child’s starchart, stickers, medals and certificates and most importantly insures your child while they are at Tiny SoccerStars. This fee is a one off payment per child and is valid for the whole time your child is a part of Tiny SoccerStars and includes 1 x T-shirt or kit. Kits for additional players can be purchased from your coach.